Rwandan media: The offender and victim of the genocide

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the start of the Rwanda genocide, which killed nearly one-in-seven people in the small African nation. Today, there is continuing debate about the role of the news media in the calamity – from the role local broadcasters and newspapers played in fuelling ethnic hatred, to concerns that the shallowness of international coverage in the early days contributed to the lethargic international response.

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Anas’ undercover story: Trafficked and abused – how girls were sold from one trafficker to the other

Enticed by the promise of well-paying jobs as factory-hands in the United States of America (USA), six women aged between 29 and 38 years agreed to leave Vietnam: believing their Chinese recruiter would deliver as promised. They never landed on the shores of America as promised but rather landed thousands of miles away on the coast of Ghana’s twin city, SekondiTakoradi.

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OI Senegal cover image feb 2014 report

Senegal: Senhuile-Senéthanol Plantation Destroys Local Communities, Environment

Published by the Oakland Institute, February 2014

Senhuile-Senéthanol, an agribusiness company, has been setting up agro-industrial plantations in the Saint-Louis region of northwest Senegal since July 2010. Owned by a complex maze of companies and individuals with ties to numerous countries around the world, including Italy, United States, Brazil, and Panama, the company holds a lease for 20,000 hectares of land. From the very inception of the project, Senhuile-Senéthanol has faced stiff resistance from local populations.

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LAMU: Development or fraud? Another coastal paradise to die for big oil

A new 32 berth port, to ship South Sudanese oil to China, is planned for the Lamu archipelago, a stunning green field heritage site in northern coastal Kenya, teeming with rare species, coral reefs and marine biodiversity and, of course, people. But none of this richness, or the indigenous people for whom this is home, seem to matter to the Government of Kenya and private developers.

By Ali Noor, Pambazuka News, 2014-02-20, Issue 666

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