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Anas’ undercover story: Trafficked and abused – how girls were sold from one trafficker to the other

Enticed by the promise of well-paying jobs as factory-hands in the United States of America (USA), six women aged between 29 and 38 years agreed to leave Vietnam: believing their Chinese recruiter would deliver as promised. They never landed on the shores of America as promised but rather landed thousands of miles away on the coast of Ghana’s twin city, SekondiTakoradi.

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A room in the camp looks like this

Busted: The Messiah of Mentukwa, Ghana

Months of maneuvering undercover work has unmasked a major, murky and maddening case of a magnanimous mission gone amiss; of a missionary mandate misapplied and muddled up, resulting in a merciless manipulation of man by man and the exploitation of the marginalized by the mighty messiah of Mentukwa, thus making a mockery of the mission. A telling tale of tyrannical teachings and tutelage that has seen teenagers of our time traded into untimely matrimony under the pretext of an imminent Armageddon, a rapture as has been repeatedly read in the revered and redeeming book of Revelation. Continue reading

Stealing the Peoples Power in Ghana

“We have enough power for our immediate needs from the Volta Dam and for the Aluminum smelter which VALCO is now constructing at Tema. But we are ready and prepared to supply power to our neighbors in Dahomey, the Ivory Coast and the Upper Volta. As far as I am concerned this project is not for Ghana alone. Indeed, I have already offered to share our power resources with our sister African states.”

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