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Investigating the ‘War on Terror’ programme in Africa‏

CALL FOR STORY PROPOSALS: The ‘War on Terror’ (WoT) programme purports to sniff out, hunt and neutralise perpetrators of armed non-governmental attacks in countries such as Nigeria, Mali, Kenya and Somalia. Among  known movements who have claimed responsibility for such attacks are Boko Haram in Nigeria, AQIM and Salafists in Mali, and Al Shabaab in Kenya and Somalia. Continue reading

FAIR member wins 2012 Knight International Journalism Award

ICFJ, 22 May 2012 – A Kenyan journalist investigating the Somali pirates and an Afghan broadcaster exposing violence against women will receive the 2012 Knight International Journalism Awards, the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) announced. The award recognizes excellent reporting that makes a difference in the lives of people around the world.  Kassim Mohamed is an investigative reporter covering Kenya and Somalia, a nation plagued by lawlessness and piracy. He has chronicled the ensuing chaos in great detail—and at great personal risk —for the Nairobi-based Star FM radio station and The Star newspaper.  

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Ogaden Somalis seek Ethiopia abuse inquiry

The Ogaden Somali Community in South Africa says it has filed a complaint with the country’s top prosecutor and the International Criminal Court (ICC), urging an investigation into the actions of the Ethiopian government against the Ogaden people. In a statement released on Tuesday on behalf of the community, a South African media advocacy group, Media Review Network, called on ICC authorities to probe complaints of alleged crimes in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia.
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