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Winners: Msindisi Fengu and Yandisa Monakali of the Daily Dispatch, for “Hostels of Shame.” Credit: TJ Lemon

South African Awards Highlight World Class Reporting

High quality investigative journalism is spreading around the world. One country where it has put down strong roots, despite an often hostile environment, is South Africa. The depth of reporting can be seen in the just announced Taco Kuiper Awards, that country’s highest prize for investigative journalism. In the awards announcement speech on 5 April, Wits University Journalism Professor Anton Harber salutes the finalists for work on extraordinary stories ranging from police death squads to government waste, fraud, and abuse of the public trust. Continue reading


Regulating the UK media sends the wrong signal to Africa

As outsiders, we have always admired the level of freedom British journalists enjoy while carrying out their work and admired the quality of journalism that follows. What’s more, African journalists use British precedents to push their governments to repeal draconian media laws, most of which were enacted by British colonial governments in efforts to suppress free speech during struggles for independence. Continue reading