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Stealing the Peoples Power in Ghana

“We have enough power for our immediate needs from the Volta Dam and for the Aluminum smelter which VALCO is now constructing at Tema. But we are ready and prepared to supply power to our neighbors in Dahomey, the Ivory Coast and the Upper Volta. As far as I am concerned this project is not for Ghana alone. Indeed, I have already offered to share our power resources with our sister African states.”

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CALL FOR PAPERS: ICT’s for better Investigative Journalism / APPEL A COMMUNICATIONS: Les TIC pour mieux faire le journalisme d’investigation

FAIR is calling on members to submit topics for presentations at the upcoming west Africa regional conference. Concept notes should be less than one page, and must show some relevance to the overall theme “ICT’s for better Investigative Journalism: Challenges of Access to Information in West Africa”.  Selection of participants will be based on FAIR membership status, current investigations and overall professionalism.

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