Beer Prices By State

Beer Prices

Grabbing a bottle of beer or two with family, friends and even workmates is the perfect way to enjoy the weekend. With a minimal amount of alcoholic content, it’s a great key to bonding and celebration. And if you are invited to a social gathering or parties, don’t show up empty-handed, accompany yourself with a pack of beer for group sharing. But how much is the beer case in your state?

You will be surprised to find out how prices of a pack of beer differ across different states yet they are from the same brand. So, let’s take a look at the following research by Simple Thrifty Living to find out more about the beer prices per state.

The research comprises of findings of the average price for twenty-four beer pack through comparison of prices across the United States national retailers. These data represent the domestic major brands of beer and not craft beer.

When it comes to a pack of beer, you will realize how states are created differently. For instance, a 24 pack beer in Alaska is almost twice the price of the same beer pack in Illinois.

According to the results of the findings, the States with the most expensive Domestic beer pack is Alaska at $ 31.21 topping the list then followed by, Wyoming at $ 26.68, Hawaii $ 22.39, Montana $ 22.28 and finally Tennessee $ 22.25.

While on the other hand, the states with the least expensive Domestic Beer Case include Illinois with the least expensive price tag at $ 15.20 followed by South Carolina at $ 15.32, New York at 15.48 then, Rhode Island $ 15.98 and lastly Michigan and Kansas at $ 16.07

According to report, Michigan is the only state with the highest increase of price since 2017 at $1.50 while Pennsylvania is the most expensive state had the highest drop of price at $0.40 ranking it at position seven in the list of the most expensive beer pack at a cost of $21.50 according to the latest report.  

Major Types of Beers in the USA

In the world of beer, there are limitless options to opt for. This makes it a great choice if you want a venture into something new everyone in a while. They range from the classic lagers to the most known and bold IPAs as well as to sour and funky ale. Furthermore, every type of beer splits further into different subcategories with varying flavors to suit your taste.

The basic factor that defines types of beers available in the market includes the yeast used throughout the fermentation process. Thus, the beer can be defined as ale, malt or larger depending on the process of fermentation used. Below is a list of major types of beers you will find in the US market.


If you are a new drinker, then this is typically the best starting point for beginners. It’s crafted from yeast which ferments at the bottom with an alcohol tolerance that is very low. They often taste a bit like malty although they are light. The American classic lagers include Yuengling, Budweiser, Coors, and High life. There are two major types of lagers, they include:

  • Pale Lager
  • Dark Lager

Pale Ale

They are characterized by a bit of hoppy sensation but do come with a lower content of alcohol when compared to IPAs. Most types of Ale originate from the USA. And some of them include American Pale Ale and American Amber Ale. Other examples of Pale Ale include English Pale Ale.


Ale is full-bodied but with a hint of spice or fruit as well as a finish with a hoppy taste. Ales are a perfect remedy if you feel thirsty or need a bit of stimulation. Some of the common examples of Ale include:

  • American Brown Ale
  • Pale Ales

IPA – America IPA, Double or Imperial IPA

IPA comes with numerous forms of beer characters and their trait is mostly attributed largely by fruity flavors, citrus and herbal. They can sometimes have different flavors due to variance in the types of hops used. Thus, they can be bitter or taste like citrus which is very pure. Some of the IPA that is very prominent includes America IPA, Double or Imperial IPA, British IPA, West Coast IPA as well as England IPA.


Stouts are known for being very dark. However, the flavor will depend on beer origin. The sweetest of stout beer comes from England and Ireland mostly. But they also do carry a bit of bitterness. In fact, the Guinness brand from Ireland is known for the world’s most famous stout beers.

  • American Stout
  • American Imperial Stout


Malts are very popular for having a sweet taste. So if you prefer drinks that are sweet and light in alcohol content, Malt is the best choice.

Wheat beers

This type of beer malt ingredient is basically wheat that creates a lighter color on the beverage. The content of alcohol is also quite exceptional and perfect for a summer kickback. Furthermore, it’s great for combining it with orange or lemon slices. Some of the wheat beers come from Belgium as well as the USA. Those from the USA are characterized by a light flavor that gives you an impression of bread.

  • American Pale White


The most typical porter beers trace its origin way back to the United Kingdom. They are characterized by a color that is very dark similar to that of stout beer. What accounts to the similarity are the ingredients such as roasted malt or chocolate? These types of beers come with a coffee taste but with a feel of chocolate. An example of porters’ beer from America includes the American Imperial Porter.

Specialty Beer types

  • American Black Ale
  • Barrel-aged Beer
  • Coffee bear
  • Chocolate Beer

Sour Beer

Sour beer has risen in popularity when it comes to the USA market over the past couple of years. Thus it has become an enticing beer among people who love branching out on beer palates.

Also, it’s a great choice for those who would love a taste of something different from what they are used to. Sour beers can come in different forms some of which include Berliner Weisser lemon beer, Fruity Flander ale, and Lambic beer with Belgium style.

Best U.S. Beer Brands and Pricing

  • PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon)

If you are looking for the finest yet affordable beer brand in the US, then PBR is a perfect choice. Once in 1893, it was ranked as the finest beer in the US market. At $9 you will get a pack of 12 beers to quench your thirst and enjoy yourself.

According to tasters, PBR is a very smooth beer down the throat and great for refreshing. What’s more, it comes with an overwhelming taste that’s hard to ignore. It’s a bit sweet, malty, grainy and biscuit in the mouth. Thus, when you speak of the best beers which are inexpensive, PBR will definitely top in your list.

  • Coors Banquet

This brand started way back in Golden, Colorado in 1873. Many locals appreciate this beer and often refer to it as Banquet Beer. Currently, Coors Banquet tops as the market mass beer due to the exceptional taste it comes with. Furthermore, it’s a great option for those who don’t fancy bitter taste. It’s a perfect choice for weekends with barbecues.

  • Hamm’s

Looking for a satisfying beer for your taste? Then you should try out Hamm’s. Crafted originally from Minnesota, it’s characterized by a malty taste with a mild sweetness. Considering the pleasant flavor and great offer of $6 a 12 pack, it’s truly a dream come true for budget drinkers.

  • Icehouse

The appearance of Icehouse at the top rank was pretty shocking even to beer diehards like us. Who would have known that budget beer could turnout so refreshing and satisfying? Imagine getting a great 30 pack beer for just $13. It’s truly a dream come true if you fancy beer. It’s amazing to taste and satisfaction is accounted for by a smooth taste, cool feel and crispy finish. It’s truly a great drink for a whole day refreshing picnic.

  • Budweiser

If you need a less intricate kick back beer, Budweiser should top your try-out list. It’s quite easy to bring down your throat, a bit biscuity but light. If you are a frequent beer taker, then this is an excellent choice to stock in your fridge. Also, Budweiser is a great beer bread beer to try out in your recipe.

  • Red Dog

Yes, Red Dog, I am sure you’ve heard of it especially if you have passed through college parties. It’s a perfect choice for those who love quantity. Even though the quality is still below three stars, you will be surprised by its hidden taste of grain and corn. Though it’s a taste associated with inexpensive beer brand, it’s truly pleasant and smooth in the throat.

  • Yuengling

Also known as amber lager, a taste of this beer will catch the attention of any beer sampler. You can refer to it as a great change in the mass beer market. Characterized by a dark color, molasses taste and full-bodied, it’s a comforting choice during the chilly season but not in summer.

  • Busch

Busch is a type of drink you would term it as inoffensive. It comes with a mild flavor that is perfect for casual drinkers, even though it’s not a great choice for beer diehards. Also, it comes with a great deal of carbonation if you love the fizzing taste in your mouth.

  • Bud light

Bud Light is an excellent choice for a light beer even though there are a few which surpass it a bit. It’s the kind that offers a lighter alternative of a beer but not the kind that feels less.

  • Milwaukee’s BEST light

Don’t; be hard on yourself if you feel you are spending too much on a couple of beer packs. Milwaukee’s Best Light is the best choice for a beer pack for the value of your money. With $15, you will make it back home with a 30 pack of beer.

  • Natural Light

Introduced way back in 1977, Natural Light is a perfect example when you are talking about a light beer. According to the professional testers’ view, Natural Light passes the test of both flavor and light in body. Therefore, for those who prefer beer with an ultra-light taste, then Natural Light is what they should opt for.

  • Schlitz

Schlitz is characterized by a unique flavor absent in many light beers. This beer from the US is characterized by a bolder and strong flavor yet light in the throat. Also, you will note a few green hopes with citrus notes

Other Top Brands of Beer you can consider in the US include Rolling Rock, Busch Light, Grain Belt, Keystone Light, Natural Ice, Lone Star, and Miller Genuine Draft among others.

Average prices for beer packs by state

Below is a table with average prices for a case of beer in every state:

Alabama$19.65 Louisiana$19.99 Ohio$19.04
Alaska$31.21 Maine$19.63 Oklahoma$17.58
Arizona$16.23 Maryland$20.49 Oregon $20.89
Arkansas$17.97 Massachusetts$18.24 Pennsylvania $21.50
California$17.86 Michigan $16.07 Rhode Island$15.98
Colorado$18.06 Minnesota$17.94 South Carolina$15.32
Connecticut$16.49 Mississippi$18.78 South Dakota$18.12
Delaware$18.99 Missouri$17.11 Tennessee$22.25
Florida $17.17 Montana$22.28 Texas$20.17
Georgia $18.81 Nebraska$18.47 Utah$18.27
Hawaii$22.39 Nevada$20.96 Vermont $21.56
Idaho$18.77 New Hampshire $17.13 Virginia $16.85
Illinois$15.20 New Jersey$19.30 Washington$20.61
Indiana$16.87 New Mexico$17.66 West Virginia $18.06
Iowa$17.18 New York$15.48 Wisconsin$18.22
Kansas$16.07 North Carolina$16.08 Wyoming $26.68
Kentucky$18.95 North Dakota$19.47