What Is The Perfect Skirt Or Dress Length?

Dresses or skirts are a staple for all kinds of events. Whether you are going to a formal event or you are wearing something to a workplace, you often have to wear skirts or dresses. Since they are an important clothing item for all environments, one needs to have a good understanding of how to work with skirts and dresses.

When wearing either a skirt or a dress, many things need to be kept in mind. Firstly, you need to see which event or environment you are going to wear a dress in. Then, you also need to choose the right fabric, the right color and most importantly, the perfect length for the skirt or your dress.

If worn correctly, a dress can make headlines and can make you the fashion idol for those around you. However, if the same skirt or dress is worn incorrectly, you will have the fashion police dissing you, and you can even end up being at the receiving end of a controversial statement.

Perfect Length for Different Seasons

While some people think that winter means the end of skirts season, it is not exactly so. You can wear skirts or dresses for all seasons. You just need to know how to pair it properly and how to flaunt the assets you have got. If you are wearing a dress or skirt in summer, you can go for a shorter length since it will keep you cool throughout the day. Short flowy skirts or pleated skirts are great for summer as they are airy as well as more comfortable than tighter denim shorts.

However, if you live close to the ocean and the sun is very close to you, you need to cover as much of your legs as possible. If you do not do so, you will end up having legs filled with sunburns. The best way to wear skirts in such an atmosphere is to wear transparent leggings underneath your skirt. It will keep your body protected from the sun’s rays.

Similarly, if you are wearing skirts in the winter season, you also need to determine the perfect length for you. If you live in a mildly cold place, you can wear short skirts too. When you feel cold, you can put on a pair of leggings. If you live in an extremely cold environment, it is better to stay away from skirts. However, if you need to wear one, go for a longer length to cover most of your legs. Also, go for a knit material skirt so that you can keep warm.

Skirt Length for Height

When you decide to wear a skirt, it is also important to keep your height in consideration. You do not necessarily have to go with these rules but following them will only make your appearance better.

Petite Girls

If you are a petite girl, that is, your height is somewhat below 5 inches, you need to go for a shorter skirt. The length of your skirt helps to make your frame seem elongated, and it can also flatter your curves. The best skirt for you is an A-line skirt. What would make it even better is if there is a slit on the side of the skirt. You would be surprised to see how much difference a slit can make in the skirt and the overall appearance of the person wearing the skirt.

This skirt length is the best for petite girls because the slit makes the legs look bigger. Also, the shorter length of the skirt makes the legs look slimmer. The same goes for a dress, and if a slit is present at the side of the dress, it will only flatter your legs. This is why you see most of the celebrities wearing slit dresses to the award ceremonies and other events.

Another great skirt for petite girls is Envelope skirt. This skirt also makes the legs look longer and elongates the frame of any woman. This effect is created due to the presence of diagonal lines that are created through the fabric in the front of the legs. The length of the skirt does not necessarily have to be short for this skirt. Instead, it is better if the skirt is knee length for an envelope skirt. This can be worn to any formal event and is also suitable for the workplace environment.

Average Height

If your height is average, the best skirt for you is the Midi skirt. These skirts are just below the knee, and they help to give an hourglass figure to the wearer. This skirt length is the best for all seasons, and it is also suitable for wearing to any event.

Another good skirt length for such women is the Knee-length skirt that is a line in shape. This skirt equally divides the legs into two halves, so there is a proportion between the part of the legs that are covered and the part that is not. Wear it with a chic top to flaunt your legs as well as your curves.

Tall Height

If your height is tall, you are blessed since you can rock any skirt. You can rock a full-length skirt. It is better if you wear a flowy full-length skirt with a short top. The longer legs make the skirt length look perfect in the figure. Secondly, a knee length skirt is also great for your figure. You can either wear a flowy knee-length skirt or a slightly lighter one. The flow one is a better option for sunny and spring seasons.

A short length skirt is also suitable for short girls. The short length of the skirt accentuates the figure of the wearer. At the same time, it also creates a silhouette that will impress everyone.  For tall girls, the kind of skirt that is the best is one that is not high-waisted. Instead, if the skirt is a bit lower, it will cover more of the legs, making the appearance sultry as well as classy.

Skirt Length for Age

Along with the height, age also needs to be considered when you are wearing a skirt or a dress. The key rule that is followed in most places is the “fingertip rule.” This rule says that when you stand straight and your arms are on your sides, the point where your fingertips are touching is the minimum length of your skirt. Wearing a skirt shorter than that is not suitable for you, no matter what age you are.

Teenage girls need to manage their skirt length and keep it knee-length or slightly shorter than that. This length is quite suitable as it offers quite sufficient coverage while still incorporating style into the outfit. In your twenties, you can experiment with new skirt lengths. Try different lengths like just below the knee or Mid Length and find the one that suits your frame the best way.

Women of older age need to go for a longer skirt length. It is true that if you are young at heart, you can do anything you want as long as you are confident in what you wear. However, it seems decent for older women to wear longer skirts. The best skirt length for these women is knee-length skirts that are flowy and are made of a light fabric. The thicker fabric such as leather or knit is not suitable for the skin of senior women since the skin becomes irritable during old age.

Skirt Length for Events

This is the most crucial choosing point for women that wear skirts and dresses. It is imperative to wear your skirt according to the event that you are going to. Along with the length, you also need to choose the right color and fabric for your skirt.

Skirt Length for Office

For the office, your skirt length must not be below your knees. This length for the skirt or dress is suitable since it is decent for office place. When you go to a workplace, your skirt should not be so short that it seems like you are flaunting your figure. Also, it must not be so long that it seems like you are hanging out on a beach.

It should be knee length or a midi skirt. Both these lengths are the best kind. Women in workplaces should go for lighter tones like white, grey and beige. They can also wear darker colors such as maroon and red or even brown. Pencil skirts are the most flattering for the figure, and they also seem very professional. When worn with heels, this skirt is the best choice to make for the workplace environment.

Skirt Length for Parties

There is no restriction on skirt length for parties. Since you are around your friends, you do not need to worry about the limits or restrictions for the skirt length. For a night out or apart, you can go for a short or mini skirt. To rock your complete outfit, go with a leather skirt or a glittery flowy skirt.

If it is an office party, you can reduce your skirt length just a little. Wear a skirt slightly above the knee. For parties, it is more suitable to go for a dress that length instead of a skirt.

Skirt Length for Casual Events

For casual events, you can go for a midi skirt. This is the ideal length for casual events. A mini skirt is too informal for these events, and a longer skirt is too outdoor-ish for a casual event. Most often, we have seen the Duchess of England wear the skirts of this length to events. It seems very modest and is still stylish at the same time.

Skirt Length for Formal Events

Pencil skirts are great for formal events. The length of these skirts is just below the knee, and they hug the frame from behind. This lets the wearer flaunt her legs and figure as well as appear classy. Some formal events have their dress code, and you need to follow that. If there are no restrictions, make sure that you go for a longer length of the skirt, enough to cover the thighs.

Skirt Length for Wedding

If it is your wedding, it is best to go with a full-length dress. It is almost impossible to pull off a shorter length wedding dress. A full-length dress gives you the feel of a princess while making you seem gorgeous at the same time.

If you are attending a wedding, you can go for a flow midi skirt or below the knee dress. This length is ideal for attending a wedding ceremony. Along with appearing modest, this length skirt also makes the person look stylish. A knee-length dress with lace details can make you stand out, and it also is fancy enough for a wedding.

The Best Skirt Length

The skirt length you wear is up to you. You can wear whatever your heart desires and whatever you think suits you best. However, if you are stuck and you have no idea what to do and what to wear, you can follow the rules given in the guide above. When you go for skirt shopping or dress shopping, always wear the dress before buying it.

Check yourself from the front and the back in the changing room. Do not buy a skirt that looks good but does not look good on you. It is rather wise to go for a skirt that flatters you in all the right places instead of a skirt that is looking good on the model or the mannequin. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the right skirt length for your next event and your height.

So, adhere to the above guide, and this is literally quite enough to determine the fashionable sizes and those which are in trends and this will definitely compliment the accessories you would add to your outfits.