Cheiro Numerology – All About Kero Numerology Numbers


Numbers are all around us and mean many different things. Have you ever paused to think for a second about what significance a number may have in your life? Kero Numerology will help you to understand these numbers.

Kero Numerology Numbers – What Is It?

Kero numbers, sometimes called Cheiro numbers, are based on the Chaldean culture from centuries ago and can be attributed to an astrologer named William John Warner, commonly known as Cheiro. Even though a lot of time has passed, numbers are still applicable today.

The Chaldean system started in India and later spread to the Middle East and Europe. It contained a system of numbers from one to nine. The number zero is unique as it can show no value but also a lot of value when added behind other numbers. The numbers in Kero Numerology each hold their own meaning and can be used to predict future events or understand current events.

Cheiro Numerology – How It Works?

Kero Numerology (also known as Cheiro Numerology) assigns a special meaning to each number from one to nine. These numbers can be used to understand more about a person’s personality or an event. Each number is described below:

  • One (1) – The Sun, golden, ruby. One is indicative of leadership qualities, creativity, positivity, strength and focus.
  • Two (2) – The moon, white, pearl. Two shows a person is different, and has mastered the arts. They have characteristics of tact, kindness and thrive in positive environments.
  • Three (3) – Jupiter, yellow, sapphire. This person is a natural leader and has enemies. Often a figure of authority, disciplined and expects others to be the same.
  • Four (4) – Uranus, blue, ruby. A person with the number four likes to think out of the box and does not follow rules easily.
  • Five (5) – Mercury, green, emerald. People with this number flow effortlessly but have a strong-willed. They get along with others, dream often and have the will to realize their dreams.
  • Six (6) – Venus, yellow, diamond. Attractions is a big part of this number. This includes attraction to dreams and people.
  • Seven (7) – Neptune, white, pearl. Seven shows independence, freedom of movement and a craving for knowledge.
  • Eight (8) – Saturn, green, sapphire. People with this number are intense and strong; they tend to make history but can be quite alone.
  • Nine (9) – Mars, red, coral. This number shows a chance at success but also becoming a victim of reckless behavior; these people are strong from battle, learn from loss and want to be victorious.

Kero Numerology Chart – Getting Started

Each letter of the alphabet has a certain numerical value according to the Kero chart.

  • 1 = A, I, J, Q, Y
  • 2 = B, K, R
  • 3 = C, G, L, S
  • 4 = D, M, T
  • 5 = E, H, N, X
  • 6 = U, V, W
  • 7 = O, Z
  • 8 = F, P

The number nine is usually not assigned any alphabetic letters. Nine is considered to be a divine number and only used in rare occasions.

You can use a Kero numerology chart to determine what the meaning of your name is. Take each letter of your name and assign it to a corresponding number on the Kero chart. Then add them all together. If you get a multidigit number (an answer more than nine) then you will need to separate the digits in the answer and add them until you get to a single number.

For example, if your name is Peter then P+E+T+E+R = 8+5+4+5+2 = 24, then 2+4 = 6. So the number associated with the name Peter is 6 (Venus, yellow, diamond). There are specific meanings for double digit numbers as well but that is more complex to understand. For now, an understanding of the numbers one to nine will give you a good indication.

Kero Numerology Software

Kero Numerology Software is available to help you with your predictions. The theories of Cheiro will help you to solve problems and serves as a complete guide. A good software program will include three things: a numerology forecast report, a database management system, and powerful tools.

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The numerology forecast report will provide individuals with information about their career, love life, personality, and their lucky dates, gemstones and numbers. The software will also give you potential solutions to problems for a better life. The software should give forecasts for individual days, months and years. The forecasts are given after entering your name number, birth number and compound numbers.

The database management system will help you to track and store people’s information. It also provides lucky names, and other suitable information. The tools in the Kero software will help you find lotto numbers, answer questions and check if you are compatible with other people or things.

Best Kero Numerology Books

There are many books to read that will help you understand Kero. the first one to read is Cheiro’s Book of Numbers as it gives a good introduction to the numbers and is suitable for beginners. It explains days, colors, numbers, and their impact on people.

The works of Cheiro is furthered found in Cheiro’s Guide to the Hand, which explains palm reading and its interpretation. This book is an excellent add-on to understanding numerology and palm reading together. At the same time, Cheiro’s Language of the Hand will teach you the skills of palm reading and how to apply the principles. The research and insight of this book will help you to master future predictions.

Finally, you can read Book of Fate & Fortune: Cheiro’s Numerology & Astrology to understand why numbers are so important in everyday life. The book explains predictions and helps the ordinary person understand the numbers. It helps to avoid misinterpretation and focuses on giving you clarity. An understanding of Kero Numerology can help you to live a positive and fruitful life. Learn how to use the chart, the importance of the numbers and how they impact your life. The knowledge from your realizations will help you to plan for your future and to understand divine guidance.

Learn more about the important numbers in your life

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