The Best Education Systems In The World In 2015

Education is one of the most important things in the world. Without it our youth would have no guidance in a very difficult world. However, education systems are not universal and unfortunately some are better than the others. Here are some of the best educational systems in the world.

South Korea

2015 has seen the rise of South Korea as the number one educational system in the world. It managed to bump its way from the second best to the best system, all in the span of three years. Korea does this for two reasons. First, they believe in working hard. Kids spend seven days of the week in school and are educated thoroughly in everything they study. Secondly, South Korea spends a lot of money on its educational system. The yearly budget for the system is slightly more than 11 billion dollars. The other Asian countries are major competition for South Korea.

A noticeable statistic about the South Korean educational system is the country is near 100% literate. 99.2% of males in South Korea are literate while 96.6% of females are literate.


Japan has slid into the number two position. A combination of a hard work ethic and technology play a major role in making the Japanese educational system what it is. No other country deploys technology in education to the extent that Japan does. Kids have access to resources that most other students do not, giving them the ability to get answers to some of the most difficult questions.

Another focus of the Japanese educational system is extracurricular activities. Sports, chess, and other such clubs have been proven to increase the educational value of a school system. In Japan almost all students participate in at least one club, it is expected of them.


Singapore makes number three on the list of educational systems in 2015. Singapore has one of the best primary education systems in the world. The primary education system is credited for allow Singapore to jump ahead two places on the list of best educational systems. What is most impressive about Singapore’s educational system is that they built it from scratch.

Another amazing thing that Singapore does is they shift the focus away from the traditional school tasks of rote memorization and repetition and instead focus on deeper education. Conceptual learning and problem-based education play a major part in their educational system. They want students to solve problems on their own with a teacher there to help, should they get lost in the process.

Hong Kong

Next up is Hong Kong; they take a large amount of their education system from the United Kingdom. The educational system is seen over by the Social Welfare Department of the government. Each level of schooling in Hong Kong works together to create an overall educational experience.

The literacy rate in Hong Kong is 94.6, still a pretty high number.


Finland is an interesting member of this list. For a long time it led educational systems around the world on this list. In 2015 though it got bumped to number five on the list, being replaced by Asian countries. Its drop may be due in part to the increased attention put on school systems by the countries that ousted it.

Unlike many countries, Finland has short school days and fills the rest of the day with school-sponsored educational activities. They believe that there is a good portion of learning to be done outside the classroom. The schools in Finland build the community and help to create identity among the citizens.

The teachers in Finland also go through some of the best education in the world.

While literacy rates may be one method to show the success of an educational system they do not predict the overall value of the system. For example, the United States, which has a 99.99% literacy rate, comes in number 14. More goes into determining what entails a good educational system. For example, one critical area the United States educational system lacks in is real life education.

Having a good education is key in life. Not only does it set you up for success in terms of a career but it also determines how you are perceived socially. A good education allows you to fit in with the higher educated crowds. With how key education is to our success as a world shouldn’t there be a large focus globally on our education?

Maths and Science Ranking

A 2015 study by the OECD ranked the Educational Systems by the results of kids aged 15 at Maths and Science. The ranking is very similar to the general ranking, with top tier Asian countries leading the list:

Countries ranked on maths and science results for 15 year olds:
1. Singapore 21. Czech Republic 41. Turkey 61. Jordan
2. Hong Kong 22. Denmark 42. Serbia 62. Argentina
3. South Korea 23. France 43. Bulgaria 63. Albania
4. Japan 24. Latvia 44. Romania 64. Tunisia
5. Taiwan 25. Norway 45. UAE 65. Macedonia
6. Finland 26. Luxembourg 46. Cyprus 66. Saudi Arabia
7. Estonia 27. Spain 47. Thailand 67. Colombia
8. Switzerland 28. Italy 48. Chile 68. Qatar
9. Netherlands 29. United States 49. Kazakhstan 69. Indonesia
10. Canada 30. Portugal 50. Armenia 70. Botswana
11. Poland 31. Lithuania 51. Iran 71. Peru
12. Vietnam 32. Hungary 52. Malaysia 72. Oman
13. Germany 33. Iceland 53. Costa Rica 73. Morocco
14. Australia 34. Russia 54. Mexico 74. Honduras
15. Ireland 35. Sweden 55. Uruguay 75. South Africa
16. Belgium 36. Croatia 56. Montenegro 76. Ghana
17. New Zealand 37. Slovak Republic 57. Bahrain
18. Slovenia 38. Ukraine 58. Lebanon
19. Austria 39. Israel 59. Georgia
20. United Kingdom 40. Greece 60. Brazil

Note: Countries not present in the above ranking did not participate in the study.