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Infrastructure: Uganda’s great Chinese expectations

Uganda has signed an agreement with a Chinese company to supply equipment for road repairs, as the quality of rural roads has become a cause for concern. But the delivery of the equipment has not been without controversy, as some think it is substandard, however the government is sticking to its guns, saying the material is good enough.

By Fredrick Mugira, 22 October 2013, published in The Africa Report

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Uganda monitor Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and President Museveni at a function in 2012

Uganda: How fear dictated govt reaction

In 1985, Yoweri Museveni, then leader of the rebel outfit, National Resistance Army (NRA), put only one key condition he knew the then military government of the Okello’s could not keep, guarantee that no Ugandan would be killed within 24 hours after their negotiations or he would continue fighting. Mr Museveni’s final push to taker power in January 1986 was largely propelled by a nationally spread fear factor for life and property. Continue reading

Mgamba with M23 rebel commander Goma

Lunch with M23 rebels: 180 minutes inside Congo’s war zone

It was seven days before Christmas eve, the period in which Christians all over the world are busy with shopping and planning for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but to me it was a scary and memorable day — the day I chatted and lunched with M23 rebels’ top commander, General Sultan Emanuel Makenga, a 39-year-old soldier, who has fought three different wars in three different countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, but still willing to fight till his last blood. Continue reading