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Top 10 Best Looking Female Politicians

Female Politicians

They have the brains, the power to lead and most importantly the looks. While some of them may not be the most influential politicians in their countries, or may not be in their prime anymore, they are all worthy of

Republicans have only one way to defeat Trump

Super Tuesday is over and Donald Trump’s lead in the Republican primary is increasing. The party’s worst nightmares are more real than ever now, as a Trump nomination looks more likely to happen with every passing contest. Everyone in the

Who should be the next US president?

Who do you think should be the next president of the United States? We want to know your opinion, so we invite you to cast your vote in our poll. After you vote, you will see what others have voted.

Is Terrorism making Europe close its doors to Immigrants (Charlie Hebdo)


The recent terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, a French magazine,  shows that intolerance is taking root in the very same continent which bequeathed to the world the concept of tolerance. Terrorism returned to attack Europe when gunmen stormed the headquarters