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More often than not, business owners wish to make everything in-house and earn heavy profits. The reason behind their such decision often lies in how they want things to maintain the standards of quality they desire and want their brand to be known for, or perhaps they underestimate the power of outsourcing some of the tasks to a third party. However, this is where a digital marketing agency can go wrong.

When we talk about “digital marketing” it is an understood fact that the term includes a wide range of services which one agency can possibly not master at delivering. While this leaves room for a lot of errors, the importance of outsourcing the same tasks to a white label agency comes into play.

What Is A White Labelling Agency?

To put it into simple words, white label agencies work for other marketing agencies as the partner in certain services. If you are wondering about why it is called as “white label” then the answer is simple; such companies do not endorse their name in the market for doing the clients work which the front end marketing agencies take from them.

As stated above, digital agencies take help from white-label agencies for a number of problems which arise lack of resources, trouble in saving cost or wish of getting the most out of a contract with client without investing much in expanding the infrastructure. Hence, that is the time when digital agencies go all out to find white label email marketing platform or marketing automation software for small business.

By doing so the digital agencies get to retain their existing clients with varying services and eventually also get more onboard by claiming to provide a 360 solution of all that the client needs for digital marketing.

What Benefits Can Your Digital Agency Take Advantage of With White Label Marketing?

The best part about white labeling is that it offers a win-win situation for both the parties involved. So, as on one hand the white label agency develops the product or work on services, they save up their cost of marketing or branding to sell the similar services. In fact, as white label digital marketing services provider tend to have a big team, they can also easily take up projects of larger scales from multiple agencies and earn more revenue.

Your digital agencies on the other hand get to enjoy a well ready made solution without having to do much and focus on the core functions of your business while earning money from multiple resources.

The list of benefits in detail goes like this:

Expand Your Offerings

Let’s just suppose you are a company that currently offers and strives to be the best in providing marketing services all around your area, but you have just met a client with more specific needs like market funnel automation then you would need the help of best market automation platform to do so. Another client may also require a website redesign with specific requirements or even want photos and videos professionally done. As your company can not obviously have resources to fulfill the variety of requirements then the best bet in such a scenario is to always partner up with a white label agency.

In the end, by outsourcing the tasks to white label agencies, you get the chance to expand your current marketing offerings without ever going through the need of expanding infrastructure or looking for resources to do the similar job.

Direct Access to Industry Trends and Technologies

Working with white label marketing agency takes the worry away of delivering the service with high quality. All of such agencies usually have the most qualified people for the job, who usually have been in the industry for years and are well up to date with the latest trends or developments. Besides that they also have access to the best tools and technologies e.g CRM softwares or programmes to deliver even better results to your clients.

Saves Your Effort & Time In Developing New Services

The world of digital marketing demands for constant change and revolution in the form of new products and services in order for companies to survive the wave of trends. Clients have new needs everytime and therefore incorporating them into your business obviously take a lot of time and effort.

However, as long as you have white label marketing agency by your side, you won’t have to worry about product development, marketing analysis, and branding the same services because you get to have a professional team of specialists right at your service, whenever you need them for the job, along with you taking all the credit.

But What Really Is The Best Time To Consider White Label Marketing?

Before you make the move of hiring the best white label marketing agency, you need to be very sure about how it is going to be in the best interest of your business. While there is a right time for everything, these are the following scenarios which would require you to outsource some functions.

Previous Marketing Efforts Did Not Go Well

If you have tried giving the similar services to a client before and they have simply rejected it, then it’s time to go to the experts and get the desired results. White label marketing agencies also do objective analysis of your existing strategy for the task and do their contribution to enhance the results.

Sales Are Going Down

Decreasing Sales can be a worrying sign for any business but there are always reasons for the sudden decline e.g either you are targeting the wrong audience or your leads are just not good enough. Since, white label agencies are pro at marketing, they can eventually help you in tweaking current sales and marketing tactics to take you to the right direction.

Lack of experience or expertise

If you ever face this stage, then you will realize that every task of marketing require specialized skills which only comes with years of experience and detailed training. So, if you aim to offer the best to your clients then it’s important that you also have the right people for the job as well. Hence, it becomes one more situation where it’s best to consider white label marketing agency instead of relying on the resources you have in house. You can also take some help from the best marketing automation platforms too.

Jumping Onto The Hiring Process

Once you know that you need the best white label digital marketing agency for the job, there are a few things that you should consider before hiring them.

1. Availability

White Label firms are always busy doing work of multiple clients and if you want to get your work done through them in the desired time frame, you need to confirm their availability.

There will be times when the client would come up to you to get the job done quickly and then you might get stuck with white label partner to respond. So, having a clear deal in advance would help you in such situations.

2. Experience

While it is pretty much obvious that you wouldn’t want to end up hiring an inexperienced white label marketing agency, know how many clients and industries they have served throughout the years. This will give you a better idea of their resource expertise.

3. Cost

The price is the most important and sensitive factor in the whole process mostly because in the end you don’t want a white label agency that might charge you more than what you earn through them. As the prices vary according to the work and quality that agencies offer, you need to find the one that offers you the best value for your money.

Things To Take Care Of In The Contract

1. Agreement Layout

Along with the basic non-disclosure agreement, you should get the necessary points highlighted in the contract which includes transparency between you and the white label marketing agency you are about to hire, invoicing processes and the bills etc.

2. Communication With The Client

Who is going to be the front face for the client? Will it be you or the hiring agency? We would recommend that the hiring agency should not breach the rule and contact the client directly. If there is any problem it should be communicated through your digital agency.

3. Setting The Targeted Profit

What will be the minimum profit margin out of every campaign that you will have to share it with the white label agency? The estimated margin should be double or at least more than the fees which the hiring agency is already going to charge you.

4. Keep The Power In Your Hands

You have to analyze whether you need the white label agency more or they need you. With such information you can negotiate better and keep the power in your hands.

The Best White Label Digital Marketing Agency

If after reading all of what’s stated above, you have struggled to find the right companion, then we have got one more effective trick for you and that is going for the new wholesome white label digital marketing tools that go with the name of Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot or Infusionsoft etc.

But if you want a more trusted online companion that gets the job done at much lower prices and by focusing the needs of marketing agencies in particular then SharpSpring is the one you need.

SharpSpring has emerged as a platform that covers all your marketing needs just the way you would like. Hence, if you or your clients need email marketing automation, marketing funnel automation, account based marketing, automated emails, content marketing, email marketing & tracking, lead management and nurturing or even sales CRM then there is no other competitor out there that offers the value for money which SharpSpring delivers with its affordable packages.

The platform was developed while keeping the requirements of digital marketing agencies and small businesses both, which is the reason why you can integrate it easily with your existing systems, get effective reports and enjoy the easy to use interface with unlimited support as well.

In short, you get big tasks done with less time and effort if you have SharpSpring with you. It offers anything Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot or Infusionsoft are offering, but at a better price and with white labeling.

Are There Still Better Options Than SharpSpring?

With our personal experience, no. Of course, you will find a number of lower cost solutions that are even famous on the internet e.g Ontraport, Activecampaign, Sendinblue, Getresponse, Klaviyo, Mailchimp or Zoho to name the few, but in the end these are still not very wholesome and offer expertise for limited campaigns. So when you make each of them stand in comparison to SharpSpring, you get a clear idea that the later is the only option that offers more features and uncompromising expertise along with being really economical.

Hence, going by the rule of digital marketing of working smart and earning more, you can achieve that by partnering up with SharpSpring for all of your digital marketing tasks.

So Where Should You Begin With?

With all the details listed above, we would recommend you to first figure out the answer to this question honestly that do you actually need help from the best white label digital marketing agency? Or can you get the job done with smart tools like Ontraport, Activecampaign, Sendinblue or Mailchimp, when it is only about particular services required for one client?

While the secondary option can be seen as cheaper, you would eventually need the help of a white label agency if the project you are about to take is big or complicated. This is why working with the best white label digital marketing agency from the beginning is the smartest choice for any digital agency. With SharpSpring you have all the tools and expertise you need at a reasonable cost.

The only tool that you may still need is ClickFunnels, the must have tool for all digital marketers, but this is a must have regardless of the other tools you are using.

We hope this helps.