Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her & Him

Valentine's Gift

It is yet another time of the year when love is in the air. For most people, upon hearing the word valentines, all that comes to their mind is their loved ones. Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day was meant for the lovers. However, in the recent past, the day’s intention has slowly changed to be about celebrating relationships with the people we value, even if not our lovers. If you are not sure of what to gift/her this valentine’s day, I have a list of gift ideas that will blow their minds, without breaking a bank.

Gift Ideas For HIM

Engraved wooden docking station

With a magnificent piece of woodwork, let him keep all his personal belongings neatly in one place. These are the things that matter most to him so you can already imagine how grateful he will be, for the fact he no longer has to spend hours looking for his watch, car keys, glasses or the phone.

Urban map glass

Let him always remember you and the place he is proud to call home whenever he raises a map glass. It does not matter where he is, but upon raising the glass as he enjoys his favorite brandy, the first person that comes to his mind will be you. It works perfectly if you pick a glass that is etched with all the cities of your country.

Personalized AirPods case

If he has AirPods, buy him a personalized leather case for his Airpods. This way, they will stay for longer and in the best shape. The best thing is that you can have his name or initials engraved on the case, and he can hang it in his keychain, belt loop or zipper.

Compact leather key holder

With a small compact leather key holder, he will forever remember and thank you. Why so? He will no longer have to be annoyed over the dangling sound of keys in his pocket. His keys will now fold in and out the same way a pen knife does. The best-case scenario, you can have it come with his initials

Dog blueprint

A special bond exists between men and their dogs, so anything about these two will go a long way in putting a smile on his face. Buy him a blueprint chart bearing his dog name, breed and qualities so that he can hang it in his office. He will forever cherish such a chart and will never forget you.

Wireless charger

There is nothing as annoying as several tangled wires. With a wireless phone charger, he will appreciate the fact that he no longer has to deal with such wires to charge his phone. The good thing is wireless phone chargers do not have the annoying LED lights that would otherwise keep him awake all night. You will be on the receiving end because he will never miss any of your calls just because he is offline. But even as you do that, ensure the charger is compatible with his phone.

Scratch the world travel map

A scratch the world travel map is a map where he scratches the countries, cities, and places you have traveled together as a couple. With this map, trust me, he will be looking to the next Valentine so that you can go on a couple’s trip together. These are moments that will forever last in his memory.

Long-distance heartbeat speaker

It does not matter wherever they are; bring your lover closer to your heart with some heartbeat speakers. Each of you has a wristband that picks up your heart and your lover listens to them on the speaker. There is nothing as romantic as the two you falling asleep while listening to your lover’s heartbeat. Now, your lover is not a phone call away, they are a heartbeat away.

Personalized romantic collar stay

Let him look sharp and smart because of your making. Personalized romantic collar stays come in stainless steel and they bear engraved romantic phrases of your choosing. He will always be smiling every morning when he reads the message as he prepares for work.

Personalized ‘drive home safe handsome’ keyring

Show how much you care about his safety with a personalized keyring. It is the best way to remind him to drive safely and not when under the influence of alcohol. Furthermore, it will always remind him of you whenever he reads the caring phrase.

Gift Ideas For HER 

Meditation cushion

If she is a fan of yoga, a soft fabric meditation cushion will keep her spine in the alignment so that she does not have to keep complaining of back pains. Knowing the benefits of yoga, you can buy her the cushion even if she is not a fan. This way, she will start attending yoga sessions. I do not see a better way to show care for her health.

Personalized bar necklace

A personalized bar necklace comes in different colors including silver, gold, and nickel. You can have it engraved with different information such as her home address, blood group or any other romantic phrase. It will go a long way in reminding her of you, whenever she looks at herself in front of the mirror.

Bathtub caddy

Let us face it, ladies love spending time in the bathtub. But it becomes hectic when she has to place her handy items on the ground. Make her feel like a queen with an all in one bathtub caddy that comes with a section for a book, her phone, gels, shampoos, and other handy items.

Knitting set

Let her perfect her knitting skills with a knitting set. She may not be a fan but with a knitting set, she may develop interest and find herself a good hobby. You may even no longer have to spend money on buying scarfs and sweaters.

Love scented candle

There is some special strong bond between ladies and flowers; they are always in love with the scent of fresh roses. On top of buying her a bouquet of red roses on the lovers’ day, surprise her with a love scented candle. The bouquet will die, leaving soon but she will continue enjoying the smell of roses from the candle.

Shiatsu Back and neck massager

Due to long hours of sitting behind the office desk, back and neck pains is a common problem among many people. Back and neck pains are also as a result of the wrong posture. This being the case, almost everyone is a victim. A neck and back massager will be instrumental to her physical health and she will forever be grateful 

Rotating makeup organizer Ladies do value their looks; the reason their makeup kits take a special spot in their lives. Keeping all their makeups and cologne bottles on a single dress table can be quite messy. A rotating makeup rack will help them keep all their stuff in one place. She will forever treasure this.

Where To Buy Those Amazing Gifts?

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