How Travelling Between Planets Will Look Like? [CRAZY!]


With the global population growing and with more competition for space and resources, some are already convinced that we need to look out of the earth to ensure the survival of humanity. Even though this might seem quite radical some people around the world are more than willing to live in other plants and travel around them to see all that this huge galaxy has to offer us.

There may be fewer obstacles than you think

We are at a level of technology you can imagine leaving the planet to go to some places in our solar system it can be easy and fun. The Moon is around the corner and Mars is not far away. We are able to at least take the first steps toward some new places even during our generation, which is just awesome. Traveling between planets and knowing the whole solar system could be our next trip to the `park` as technology allows us to consider that a possibility.

In a few years, and not so long down the road we will be able to travel to other planets as if we were simply going to another country. It can be fast, secure and fun. Why not go to a resort in Venus? It could be easy, fun and very entertaining. Perhaps we could even find our fellow aliens.

How would a space colony look like?

In the 1920s, the research pioneer Herman Potocnik with rockets imagined a circular aircraft – much like a flying saucer – that rotates and creates artificial gravity, with a large concave mirror that captures sunlight as an energy source. As crazy as it may seem,  this idea persisted until the early 1970s, and was presented by Princeton physicist Gerard O’Neill and again by the British Interplanetary Society.

Why does it sound so strange? Today we are able to use a crazy web of information to see data and do pretty much anything. Having a flying saucer that could take us to places does not sound so strange honestly. Traveling between galaxies could be possible if a sonic saucer was created. We do have similar planes nowadays.

It is all much more possible than we tend to imagine.

And living on Mars or other planets, is it possible?

Other experts prefer the idea of settling on some planet or satellite, instead of setting up a colony in a spaceship – yes, traveling the space is not only about entertainment, some people even plan to move there forever. Mars is always in the focus of this debate, and there are people working on a kind of “project” to establish a colony there someday.

The project Mars One which took place in the Netherlands, was released in 2012. 40 people were chosen – between 200,000 candidates to experience a little bit of what it would be like to live on Mars. The project is funded by a “reality show” – you want to help people to know what it would be like to live a life on the red planet. For many, the idea is a big joke, but it shows that there is already people interested in the subject.

In the ideal world, the space colony should be self-sufficient – which means it should be able to produce its own resources or taking them out of some asteroid. It is not impossible, not at all.