How Daily Workout Will Sharpen Your Mind

Exercise is an essential part of any weight loss program and should become permanent in your lifestyle. Having a daily workout schedule can help you in much more than simply losing weight! It is great for not only your body, but also improves your mood and works well for the mind.


Benefits of Physical Exercise

  • Calorie burning and weight loss;
  • Maintenance of toning of the muscles;
  • Improved circulation;
  • Improvement in cardiac and pulmonary functions;
  • Increased self-control;
  • Stress reduction;
  • Increased ability to concentrate;
  • Improvement in appearance;
  • Reducing depression;
  • Improvement in the quality of sleep;
  • Prevention of blood pressure and high cholesterol and diabetes.

But to get all these benefits, you must have a lot of willpower, dedication and patience, especially at the beginning of practice. But the most important is to acquire the habit.

Our Western mind tends to emphasize radical changes and revolutionary formulas. It’s more sensational and fireworks. It’s the kind of thing that makes the news.


Keep your feet at the ground

Innovation is important, and when it happens, really the potential for improvement is enormous. But sudden changes are uncomfortable and we usually have a huge resistance to them, which usually brings us back to our old patterns. Who tried to change a habit, or is a fan of the famous New Year’s resolutions, you know that change attitudes and habits at once rarely brings lasting results.


Tips to start physical activity

The best way is to progress in small steps – don’t try to go big. Just like you did to learn to walk. Small enough to pass almost unnoticed steps and that the chance of failure of each individual step is practically zero.

Let me give an example:

Do you want to work out? Have you spent a fortune on a treadmill walk, but nowadays it most usefulness as a hanger? So instead of trying to “revolutionize” and commit to waking up at 5:00 am and work for 1 h to almost pass out, do different.

Why don’t you use the treadmill while you watch TV!  Or if that is too much sacrifice, do it only during breaks, for example. The secret is not how big your first step is, but the commitment to always take new steps, even tiny ones. This is a great way for you to always have challenges in mind while doing good things ti your whole body. The more you procrastinate the harder it is going to be for you to reach your real goals.