5 Ways to Waste Time Online When You Are Bored

There are days when the internet becomes a burden in our lives: do you check Facebook, Twitter, see the emails and nothing happens. You get tired of the same boring shares of Facebook, the same bizarre news. But do not be discouraged, do not cry and do not fall into despair! We made a list of sites that can help you pass the time and probably have some smiles!


1. Buzzfeed

The Buzzfeed has basically all Internet culture loves: animals, celebrities, lists and gifs. Of those who enter thou into link and link and when he finds himself has spent a long time looking at the site. As the site is updated all day, there is a great chance for you to know the latest news in the world the site – commented and illustrated!


2. Thought Catalog

A blog texts on the various situations in the life of a person, Thought Catalog is maintained by a group of writers. Most of the texts revolves around the life and their recurrences, especially fears, age crisis (20, 30, 40, 50), relationships, sex, travel, creativity, feminism, as well as movies, music, celebrities and any other remote theme that will give the author do so. Surely you will identify with many of those situations described by a language sometimes touching or ironic, in most cases very well written it.


3. Rainy Mood

Sometimes we do not need a website that makes you smile or picture blogging or profound texts. Sometimes we just want to disconnect from reality for a few minutes and simulate a new mood when you are at home bored, angry or sad. The Rainy Mood is the most recommended and effective option that I know of for these purposes (unless it is already raining, then it is not necessary because it changes not much). Simulating a real rain, the site plays raindrops on the screen, rain falling and noise still some thunder. “Rain makes everything better” is the slogan of the site. And yes, it is so true.


4. 9gag

You can definitely spend endless hours checking cool pictures, interesting thoughts and awesome gifs about pretty much anything. 9gag has a huge community of people from all over the world who post pictures, comment and like the pictures within the website. This definitely is a site to check and have at least 5 minutes of fun every day.


5. Even more cool sites

This list here is one of the coolest lists for you to waste time and find ways for you to waste EVEN MORE time. It is an amazing list that has awesome sites that can help you have fun in different sites every single day.