5 Amazing Sites That Will Help You Travel For Cheap



Reduce travel costs easily

Before the age of the internet the only way to search for tickets and discounts for trips was in tourism newspapers, phone or personally go to a travel agency. It was very difficult to compare prices and options and we were a little mercy of good chat travel agents who could offer us not the best way but one that gave them higher commission.

With the advent of internet consumers are now able to find great sites that are willing to help them travel for cheap and enjoy everything that life has to offer. We can search on various websites selling tickets and trips at the same time and compare different airlines, prices, times and still check the evaluation of other consumers about the services provided.

Now we will take a look at the best internet sites I use to find the best deals and why.


Are you ready to belong anywhere? I just love Airbnb because it allows us to find the best and the lowest prices all over the world. It is possible to find apartment rentals, the best hotel rates and some trip suggestions that are just impressive. Why spend a lot when you can save and still travel around the globe? The site is available in several different languages and convers values to help you find the best rate.


Would you like to spend a couple days at someone’s house? We are not talking about your parents or even friends, we are talking about people who are across the globe. You can find a family, a single person or even just a place to stay. This is the perfect place to meet reliable people who wants to make friends and to have you travel the world for cheap. This site allows people from all over the world to exchange valuable experiences and to become friends for life.


You will have a very easy to understand and use interface that helps you find the cheapest tickets from different air companies across the world. The search engine provided by this site is really fast, reliable and organized. You will never get confused and you will never click on misleading links that show a price once and a higher rate later. This site was developed thinking of your savings and not thinking about the companies that sell. The whole thing is awesome for those who really want to save without feeling wary regarding the site and its honesty.


TravelHack is a fun blog that comes packed with information of all kinds including real trip experiences from people, articles about how to deal with kids while traveling and all kinds of tips you could ever imagine. Everything is well organized, light and fun to read and very informative. It does not matter where you plan on going, make sure you check this blog out, you can find the exact tips you need here!


Numbeo is an excellent source of information for those who would like to travel or even move. There are prices of pretty much anything from public transportation, to food, gas and even tickets to movies and other attractions. It is possible to find a world map and easily browse through the cities and locations that interest you. Everything is well organized and thanks to the price range you are able to plan your expenses and even know if where you want to live is really going to fit into your pocket.

The bottom line.

Regardless of where you are going the 5 sites above are definitely going to help you save time and money and make your experiences even better! Good luck and have fun!