Homeopathic Arthritis Pain Relief for Dogs & Cats

Large dog with cute cats

Your pet being sick is never fun but when your cat or dog has arthritis it can be devastating. With arthritis many pets aren’t able to maintain the same lifestyle they have had in the past. Being active just isn’t as easy. Homeopathic remedies such as Pet Bounce can help but only if you recognize the symptoms of arthritis in your dog or cat. Here are some of the common symptoms of arthritis in pets.

A Limp and Difficulty Moving

Pets may develop a limp in their affected legs when they start to suffer from arthritis. Like in humans activities such as getting up may seem to make the limping more noticeable. Once the limb(s) get limbered up though your pet will have less noticeable issues with their legs.

Limps aren’t the only hindrance to movement that your pet might experience. Jumping and perching may happen significantly less often in dogs or cats that are suffering from arthritis. These tasks require additional shock to the bones and muscles and that causes the pet to experience extra pain. Trouble when getting in and out of the car can be a big sign of arthritis in dogs.

Lower Energy Levels

When your pet has to operate in a constant or near constant state of pain it takes more out of the animal. This results in lower energy levels and more time spent napping or sleeping. If you notice that your pet is spending time laying down on their favorite bed when they are normally active this could be a sign of arthritis.

Weight Gain

While more common in cats than dogs, animals that are suffering from arthritis tend to put on more weight. Since exercising tends to cause the animal pain it will stop doing it as much. Similar as to what a human would do. This can happen even when the appetite decreases as the calories still aren’t being burned.

Abnormal Posture

Legs and leg joints are not the only areas that arthritis can occur in your pets. Keep an eye on your pets posture. Should it start to change it could be a sign of arthritis. A hunch or apparent sourness can indicate arthritis in areas other than the legs.


Pets who are suffering from arthritis tend to develop more of an attitude than they may have previously had. They will swipe at you or bite you if you get too close when they don’t want you to. This is especially true if you handle an area of your pet that is afflicted with arthritis. They don’t know a better way to tell you to leave them alone.


While a pet who is suffering from arthritis will tend to reduce their grooming habits there will be one increase in grooming. Arthritic pets tend to groom the areas that are giving them trouble. They lick, chew, or even bit at the areas that are causing pain. They do this to try and alleviate the pain. Your pet may do it so much that the area will start to show signs of over grooming such as constant wetness, inflammation, hair loss, and/or cuts.

Peeing and Pooping

If your pet’s favorite place to use the bathroom requires a lot of movement you may see that they opt to find a new place to use the restroom. This is especially true for cats who use a litter box that requires them to climb over a side. They experience pain when trying to maneuver their body’s around the obstacles and not even their favorite potty spot will motivate them to get past it.

A veterinarian will need to perform a physical examination alongside tests in order to determine for sure that your pet is suffering from arthritis. However, when an arthritic pet is taken to the vet the doctor will tend to have an idea of what is going on. There are multiple different afflictions that can cause pain in your pets joints so it is important that you have your pet diagnosed before starting treatment.

Using a homeopathic remedy like Pet Bounce is a good option for many pet owners. It is given to your pet in the form of oral drops so it is easy to administer. It is also a healthy and safe option with no crazy additives. In fact, many of the ingredients are similar to that which can be found in human arthritis treatments. It feels good to know that your pet is getting the best form of treatment with homeopathic remedies. The best part about giving your pat a homeopathic remedy is knowing your pet receives a healthy treatment with no side effects.