How To Get Rid Of Snoring

How To Avoid Snoring

Snoring can be a pain for you and your partner, along with anyone you might have to share a hotel room with. If you snore regularly you might be wondering how to get rid of snoring. The cures for snoring vary greatly and while one might work for one person it might not work for another, it all depends on what is causing the snoring. Without further ado, here is how to avoid snoring (or how to stop snoring for good):

Change How You Sleep

Before going out and trying to find a more advanced solution try adjusting how you sleep. Many cases of snoring can be fixed by changing what position you sleep in. A lot of people snore when they sleep on their backs. Try sleeping on your side.

For those who have trouble staying on their sides while they sleep, try buying yourself a full length body pillow. This will help to keep you on your side. You may even find it more comfortable.

Start a Weight Loss Journey

Obesity and weight issues are plentiful in the United States and are growing around the world. Food is good but unfortunately, weight is not good for your sleep. Weight around your neck pushes down and reduces the amount of space in your airway.

Stop Drinking Alcohol and Drink Water

Alcohol will hurt your sleep by causing you to wake up to pee but very few people know that it also causes you to snore. If you drink alcohol within four to five hours of sleeping your muscles will relax, including your airway. When your airway is relaxed from alcohol you have reduced control of it and you will start to snore.

Replace the alcohol that you would have drank with water. Proper hydration helps to keep your nose free from secretions along with the soft palate. Men require at least 16 cups per day and women need 11 cups of day according to the Institute of Medicine.

Nasal Strips

You have probably seen nasal strips advertised on TV or at a local pharmacy. These strips can help lift your nasal passages and open them up. Closed nasal passages cause snoring. Taking a hot shower before bed can also help to open up your nasal passages as does a neti pot.

New Pillows

If you have tried everything else it could be your pillow that is causing you to snore. Different allergen triggers build up the longer you have the pillow. Some of these can be washed away while others cannot. Buying new pillows that are allergen free will help to make up for this. Fluff your pillow once every couple of weeks and wash your pillow cases regularly.

The Snoreless Pillow

The Snoreless Pillow is a great way to enhance your sleep. This pillow has been scientifically proven to be the #1 snore reducing pillow. It can also help to cure mild sleep apnea. This amazing pillow works by raising the chin off the chest to reduce the snoring. It also has a unique design that allows the head to be cradled properly while sleeping so that your airway remains clear during sleep.

The best part about the Snoreless Pillow is that it only costs $89.97 while competitors charge up to $149.99.

The Jaw Supporter

The Jaw Supporter is a great way to help you stop snoring. It wraps around your head and cradles the chin so that your jaw is supported, just like its name implies. When held in position with the jaw supporter your jaw expands the airway, allowing for reduced air velocity and soft tissue vibration. Patients who used the Jaw Supporter saw their snores cut in half or more. Apneas were also cut down significantly.

The answer of how to avoid snoring is a difficult one. You might have to try multiple different methods to stop your snoring before you find the right one. It helps to try and target the specific cause of your snoring. Sleep tests and doctors can help you identify the causes of your snoring. Most snoring is caused by problems with the nose or airway.