10 Amazing Travel Hacks For Students You Must Know

Preparing for your trip is a very important phase. Check all the details and use this list of great travel hacks to assist you in the preparation!

1 – Passport – Each country has its inbound rule in the territory. In general, the passport must be valid for 06 months beyond your date back to your country of residence. That is, it must be valid for the period of your stay abroad + 06 months.

2 –Parents authorization – in case traveler is underage – if underage, the traveler must have a travel authorization to board.

3 – Visa – your visa must comply with the departure and arrival dates abroad. Each country has its own rules and issuing procedure.

4 – Airfare – the Student Center Tourism department issues tickets to all over the world and with special student prices (if applicable). Make sure you looks for these in your town!

5 – Yellow Fever Vaccine – the International Certificate of Vaccination should be up to date on trips to South Africa, Asia, Oceania and some countries in South America.

6 – Travel Vouchers – You will receive registration confirmation on e-mail on the appropriate date and all course and accommodation vouchers will be delivered at its meeting of shipment that was scheduled on the day of registration.

7 – Insurance Assist Card – You will need this card wherever you go so make sure you have one before departure. It is important so you will have the proper health and other emergency assistance otherwise you might have to pay thousands on medical expenses for example.

8 – Debit Card Visa Travel Money – The most modern way to carry money on international travel, Visa Travel Money (VTM) is a prepaid, reloadable debit card for payments, purchases and withdrawals.

9 – Phone Chip – for outdoor use, you should definitely have a phone chip always available. It is also a good idea to use prepaid credit cards to call your family abroad, however you need a cellphone line to do that.

10 – Tourist Reservations – Hotels, Cruises, Car Rental, Parks and other reservations might be needed previous to your boarding, so make sure you have them beforehand, otherwise you might not enjoy all the cool attractions you will find in a new country.

As you can see the 10 tips above are quite easy to follow and will definitely make your trip much nicer and way more safer! There are tons of other useful travel-hacks for students, but these seem to be essential and must-know for everyone. Have fun and explore the world!