Chillingham Castle – The Chillingham Tale Behind The Most Haunted Hotel – UPDATED 2019

Chillingham Castle

A medieval castle in the village of Chillingham, the Chillingham Castle is one of the most remarkable private castles in the United Kingdom. The castle was originally a monastery but because of its strategic location was later turned into a stronghold fortified castle.

King Edward I, was the first monarch to visit the castle in 1298, while on his way to Scotland, were he was supposed to fight a Scottish army led by William Wallace. The castle was also used as a staging post for the British Army and a gateway to Scotland.

The castle has a very interesting history which even takes into account the Second World War, where it was used as an army barrack. Later in 1982, the entire castle was purchased by Sir Humphry Wakefield, who also undertook a painstaking restoration work. Today various sections of the castle are open for public and holiday apartments are available on hire.

The current owners run the place as being one of the most haunted castles of Britain. The same has been investigated on various television shows, radio and even YouTube such as Most Haunted, Scariest Places on Earth, Alan Robson’s Nightowls, etc.

The glorious secluded setting in one of the most beautiful countryside, Chillingham in Northumberland the Chillingham Castle offers a unique holiday experience especially for ghost enthusiast and those who love history. Living in this medieval fortress is an experience in itself.

Parts of this castle have been converted into comfortable holiday apartments which offer your family and friends an exceptionally memorable holiday experience. The castle itself is surrounded by beautiful lawns and gardens which includes a topiary garden with intricate clipped hedges.

Chillingham Castle HistoryThe castle until now has hosted many great kings including Edward I, Henry III, Prince of Wales and other member of the royal family. For a very unique and special experience you should definitely plan a stay in one of the most haunted places of Great Britain, the Chillingham Castle.

You can also enjoy one of the most famous ghost tours while staying at the castle, but remember this tour is not for the faint hearted.


  • Café, restaurant, refreshments also available
  • In-Room Amenities Fridge, Microwave, Electric Cooker and Colour Television
  • Laundry (chargeable)
  • Electric blankets (extra can also be provided)
  • Highchairs, cots and fold-up beds
  • If required, we can also arrange for a portable electric panel heater
  • Every apartment is heated by electric storage heaters and every single apartment is charged based on its meter reading
  • Logs and kindling for fire (chargeable)
  • Available for wedding receptions or corporate events

Opening Time

For 2019 – the property is open from

6 April 2019 to 3 November 2019 – Monday – Saturday 12:00 – 17:00

Although, the property is open year round especially for groups, for further details please visit their website.

How to reach

By Road – the nearest major road is A1, simply turn off A1 onto B6348 and follow the brown signs

By public transport – Alnmouth Train Station, which is 10 miles from the property; or Alnwick Bus Station, which is 9 miles from the property.

Things to do

The property has extensive grounds that are accessible to holiday makers. You can also enjoy fishing with your family and friends at the River Till. There are a number of golf courses just a few miles from the property, hence you can have a very unique holiday experience where you could indulge yourself in leisure, golf or fishing all at the same time while enjoying the serenity of the property itself.

Chillingham Castle History – The Story of John Sage & The Blue Boy

Two of the most famous ghost stories surrounding the Chillingham Castle are the Story of John Sage and The Blue Boy.

The story of John Sage or John Dragfoot is one of the recent ones that people have heard. John Sage is a very popular name in the ghost tours of the castle. Some say he was an ex-soldier and a sadist, who tortured people during the days of Kind Edward I.

He is one of those ghosts who have extensive stories under their names and his story is filled with loads of torture, kinky sex and retribution. The other very famous ghost figure from the castle is the Blue Boy.

Chillingham Castle Blue BoyThe Blue Boy is a phantom who is reputed to haunt the pink room in the castle. People have heard his pitiful cries post-midnight and the same is seen as an orb or halo of blue light. This glowing figure then is supposed to manifest into a boy (little) dressed in blue coloured clothes.

During renovation in the 20th century, bones of a little boy were once found walled up in the castle, the workers also found some remnants of mouldering blue fabric with the bones.

Not all the ghosts of the Chillingham Castle are the ones which we can see. As the poet Tennyson says, ‘impalpable impressions on the air’, many other phenomena have been reported about the castle such as disembodied voices, devil’s walk, phantom monks, etc, and stories about various other famous ghosts such as Lady Mary Berkeley and White Lady, all have been subjects of various investigations.

The castle surrounds itself with a sense of uneasiness which is distinctly moving and generates curiosity in you to explore more and more, you can experience many different versions of a sensation in atmosphere surrounding this castle, which for sure you will never forget for your entire life.

Chillingham Castle Prices

Room tariff starts from £100 per night – coaching rooms.

Chillingham Castle Prices